Existential Rant

Within the confines of our own minds, we're constantly faced with choices... Existential meltdowns are just around the corner, and the divide between the real and ideal are splintering at breakneck speeds. When we seek solice and it finds us not, how is one to continue? This isn't a cry for help in the least, but a realization of a dire situation. Without getting too complicated, I have found through my life's journey that what we seek usually winds up right in front of us. The question then becomes, how do we grab it? For those saying to themselves; "That's easy, just stick your hand out and grab it!"  Is it really that easy? Are we really ready to get what we want?
Over the holiday season I've been doing a lot of thinking... A lot of thinking about nothing, and a lot of thinking about things that don't really matter in the scheme of things... My vibe is light but pensive, and my mind is flooded with endless possibilities and a myriad of solutions. To what? You may ask. Solutions to me may or may not be solutions to you. Think about it.

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